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Happily Ever After

I’m the type who believes in the natural pairing of things. You know, those that complement each other: salt and pepper, cream and sugar, kings and queens, yin and yang and meat with potatoes. The balance of these things makes me feel, well, comfortable.

It actually bothers me when I meet someone who’s alone. It’s not natural. Even Noah understood it- leaving no pair unmatched- while loading his ark. Smart man. It’s no surprise that many have come to know me as a matchmaker.

I’d love to brag that my blind-date endeavors have ended in happily ever after. Honestly? I’d have to admit that a great deal of them ended in happily ever disaster. Well, save one. But, even that one didn’t go exactly as planned.

On a sunny autumn day, I’d received a call from my friend Pattie.  She requested my matchmaking services for her brother, Jim- a divorcee with five children. I was newly separated with three children. However, I wasn’t a consideration, as he was eleven years my senior.

I’d met Jim on a few occasions at Pattie’s house. I remembered that he was warm and charming, but the five children would be a hard sell. Then I remembered my friend Denise (not her real name).

She was in her 40s and attractive. She’d often expressed regret that she had not had children. Boy, did I have a guy for her! Numerous phone calls set the date. But, there was a glitch- Jim wouldn’t go alone. So I agreed to go along.

During the drive to the restaurant, conversation came easily. After introductions, I excused myself to wait at the bar. At the end of their date, I returned to their table, ready for the drive home.

Once in the car, I asked: “What did you think of Denise?”

He smirked, “Denise who?”

Perplexed, I motioned back to the restaurant. “Denise… my friend!”

He said, “I didn’t notice anyone all night, except you.”

So, I did what any gal who loves cream and sugar would do- I married him.


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  1. The greatest love story ever told!

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