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In my birthday suit!

As a writer, rejections are part of the process but, usually something painfully private- between me and my mailbox. One week ago I took the plunge and entered my novel My Sister’s Secrets in the Kindle Scout program. Once accepted, Kindle posted a 5000-word excerpt from my novel and included a “nominate me” button. Seems benign enough, right? Wrong. As a part of this campaign I am supposed to drum up interest for my book- sharing it on my social media accounts… every one of them. As people take the time to read and vote, they are automatically entered to receive a free copy if I am selected for publication. So… what’s the catch you ask? Well, if I am not selected every single person that voted for me receives an email advising them that I was not chosen. The rejection process is no longer between me and my mailbox… rather, between me… and all of you.

I have never felt more naked in my life!

That being said… no matter what the outcome, I am glad I jumped! I have spent 3 years dealing with back issues and have not been able to work in my normal profession- as an ultrasound technologist. I was feeling pretty useless until my husband bought me voice recognition software. I couldn’t sit at the computer for long periods of time- but I was able to sit in a recliner and dictate. I had started writing My Sister’s Secrets (MSS) in 2008 or so. Working full time -with 3 kids in college and 3 more at home- didn’t allow for something as frivolous as a writing career. Once my back prohibited me from working full time, I picked up my outline for MSS and began again. I attended a writer’s conference and pitched the book to 6 agents- all 6 asked for some or all of the manuscript. After several months, 2 agents declined to represent the book and the other 4 never replied- very unusual when they’ve asked for the materials. Recently, I sent an email to someone and they found it in their spam file. Turns out my old fashioned AOL address isn’t too popular with the new gmails of the world. It may explain why I didn’t hear back from the remaining agents.

After all the time and effort I’d invested, I decided to self-publish MSS. While investigating my options on Kindle Direct Publishing- I stumbled upon Kindle Scout. I had my daughter, Allison edit for me- as she had just graduated with an English degree from Rutgers. After she was done, I still fiddled around with it for 2 more months (in some cases accidentally editing errors back in and then having to find them.). At the urging of my family, I finally threw my hat in the ring and Scout accepted me for a 30-day campaign. By this time, a writer, E.B. Brown, had taken me under her wing. She has multiple self-published novels that are very successful and urged me to just take the leap and submit my novel. She has an awesome book on Scout now- that she’s managed to keep on the hot and trending list for 21 days! I am linking her- without apology- at the end of this blog. I owe her a debt of gratitude… she’s given me advice on how to pace my writing, advice on how to pick my book cover (go to the best seller list in your genre’ and see what’s selling…Who knew?), to sharing what she knew about how Scout works (based on her association with other writers). She has been in constant contact with me by text since I launched and shared my link on her wall and in her blog. She is the very example of the writer I will be if I am fortunate enough to be successful at this. I will never forget how she made this a less lonely and less frightening experience for me.

So, here we are… on day 7! I have managed to land on the Hot and Trending list on Scout- I have remained there for 7 days… I had hoped I could land there for one day… for one hour. I am so grateful to the people who took the time and bother during this crazy, busy holiday season to cast a vote for me. Thanks for all the kudos about the excerpt- you can’t begin to know how much that means to a writer! Everyone’s been so kind. Now… to make it through 22 more days of this adventure! If you haven’t voted yet- you can follow the link below. Scout allows you to pick 3 novels. You’ll get a free copy of any and all that are selected for publication. If you want to find me on Scout- just follow my link. If you want to find me in person… I will be easy to locate… I’m the one hanging out in my birthday suit! (my book) (EB Browns Book) (another author… launched the same day I did… we’ve been sharing the angst! )


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  1. Reblogged this on E.B. Brown and commented:
    Thoughts on Kindle Scout. Jeanne hits home in describing how it feels to publicly go through a campaign.

  2. I’ve learned from the best! Thanks for your support in getting me to jump… and then talking me off the ledge… when I really wanted to jump… lol… you are awesome… great things are going to happen for you!!

  3. Exceptionally nice cover, look fwd to reading the excerpt soon (found you via Beth’s blog). Best wish at KS πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! My first cover choice was really colorful… E.B. Brown told me to check the best seller list for my genr’e … those books were far more B/W… hence my new cover! You have to love when other authors care about other authors. πŸ™‚ The feedback on the cover has been amazing! best of luck to you!! xo

  4. I love connecting with fellow Kindle Scout authors — is there a place online where we discuss these things? (Mine is ROSETTE, in its third day of the campaign today.)

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