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Sissies Need Not Apply!


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Ten days left and two-thirds over! That’s where I’m at in this Kindle Scout gig! I couldn’t have imagined how much marketing (=bugging/begging) to friends and family would need to go into my campaign. But without views and votes- it was unlikely that I would even be read. I do apologize for drowning everyone’s feed for the past twenty days (and please allow this apology to cover the next ten days!). I also want to sincerely thank those that viewed, voted and shared my novel. So many of you reached out to your friends and family and many left really nice reviews about my book. I have also had complete strangers view and vote after seeing my posts on various group sites that have allowed me to post. Christmas magic at its best!

All of that being said, it’s scary to be on the downslope now. Judgement day is fast approaching and I am second guessing everything. Should I have waited until next year… what if they have their quota of books in my genre for 2015? What if they’ve exhausted their  advance budget for 2015? January was so close. The guessing won’t stop.

Kindle doesn’t share information on what exactly motivates them to publish you. A bunch of authors (myself included) hang out on Kboards sharing stats and trying to analyze the formula based on who is being selected and who was passed over.  I have seen novels passed over that received more than two-thousand views. Equally, I just saw a book that sat on the Hot and Trending (top 20) list for 91% of its campaign not be selected. No matter what our creative brains can surmise… we are none the wiser about the selection process.

For anyone thinking about submitting a novel for a campaign, I will share some advice that I received from E.B. Brown, an exceptional author & friend. Before submitting to Scout:

  1. Make sure you have some sort of following on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…).
  2. Build a web page- there are plenty for free out there.
  3. Make sure your editing is pretty tight.
  4. Go to the best seller list in your genre and make sure your book cover looks like the ones you find there.

I delayed my submission for more than a month to do the things listed above.  Oh! And just one more thing before you decide to hit that submit button for YOUR novel… put your sturdy boots on… this is no game for sissies.

I know that I’ve presented myself in the most professional way possible and I know that I have done my best to run a top-notch campaign. In ten (long) days, Kindle will decide if I made the cut or not. I am taking in a deep breath and hoping my nerves hold up.

If you haven’t already viewed and voted for My Sister’s Secrets– You can do so here:

This author’s book launched the same day as mine and we’ve been cyber hand-holding and talking each other through this process- please take a look at Lay Me Down by Tamara Hart Heiner here:

This author reached out with a nice review of my book during this lonely process- please take a look at Rosette by Cindy Rinaman Marsch here:

Please check out the books on the website of the author that gave me so much advice and support during my campaign, E. B. Brown. Here:



Comments on: "Sissies Need Not Apply!" (2)

  1. You’re right on target here, Jeanne! Now I understand why people are grateful when the days start winding down. It’s crazy-making, this waiting game! Thanks so much for your kinds words, too. I’m so glad to have found new friends among the Scoutees!

  2. hand holding is so right! I just get a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach every time I think about my book and some of the great books that haven’t made it!

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