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Stick a fork in me… I’m done!

Whew! What a ride!

As of 12:01 AM, my campaign on Kindle Scout for My Sister’s Secrets has ended!

It has been a long 30 days! As a writer, it’s always so hard to ‘throw your hat in the ring’… add to that the need to prove you can market yourself and you have yourself one really stressful month.

So,  at 5 o’clock this morning… I waited for my final stats to post… here they are! KS Final Stat

I feel that I did my very best and ran a strong campaign. My total views ended up being 2813.  46% of those views came from Kindle Scout and 54% of them came from my marketing. I was on the Hot and Trending list for 711 of 720 total hours. My highest day of views (day 1) was 475. My lowest day (day 17) was 24 views- that knocked me off the H & T list for one hour the next day. I rallied the troops, which netted 144 views and I jumped back onto H & T for the remainder of my campaign.

The holidays were tough but I managed to get pretty good views through them. For those considering a run (don’t do it) through the holidays (really…don’t do it), my views for those days are as follows: Xmas eve 50, Christmas day 55, New Years Eve 58, NY day 49.

I was fortunate that so many groups allowed me to post every few days and so many of my friends and family shared me several times through the month. You all really circled the wagons and I just love you for having invested in my dream.

My husband and I packed up on the morning of New Years Eve and headed down to my sisters house at the shore. It was a much-needed diversion for the end of my campaign. For the last 2 days, I stopped refreshing every hour (of course I still checked it periodically) and today it feels as though there is something I am forgetting to do!

I feel like I’ve done my part- here’s hoping that Kindle is looking for my genre. They don’t make their wish-list for manuscripts public- so there’s no telling if they will select My Sister’s Secrets for publication. Frankly, I’ve seen a lot of really talented writers (with many successful self-published books) passed over.

No matter what the result- I feel like I can hold my head up… I had great feedback on the book and clearly those viewing must have been voting to some degree- to keep me on the hot and trending list. One thing is for certain, this is only the beginning for My Sister’s Secrets journey… it will be published in 2016.

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